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Racing fly-back chronograph with oiled leather strap, $150 available later this month.

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There's something delightfully old school about wearing a Timex. Handsome but never flashy, it was the watch many of our grandfathers wore. And lately the 156-year-old company's been stepping up their game, appealing to the stylish, heritage-loving crowd by reinventing their popular Camper style and rereleasing archival designs. But their latest release is more forward thinking. An innovation called Intelligent Quartz. Developed in Timex's Pforzheim, Germany test lab, the proprietary new movement allows a quartz watch to boast various complications—the watch term for features like chronographs, date displays and tide temperature compasses. The kind of features often only found on Swiss made mechanical watches that would cost you at least $500. "Our research and development team recognized that there was a strong interest in the area of Grand Complication for timepieces to provide the look and functionality offered in high-end Swiss mechanicals, along with the reliability and accuracy of a quartz mechanism," says Craig Thompson, Timex's senior product manager. "For example, the sub-dial at the 10/11 position on this watch functions both as the hour gauge for the chronograph, as well as the hour indicator for the 2nd time zone. The microprocessor is able to instruct the motor how to regulate and position the hand for these two very different functions."

Fly-back chronograph
with croc-embossed strap,
$165 at Nordstrom

Sport series chronograph,
$148 at Amazon

  • A fly-back chronograph is a complication watch, using a single push of the button for stopping and restarting the chronograph function of the watch.