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An Easy Summer Look

There are some combinations that just work. Peanut butter and chocolate. Tequila and Thursday afternoons. We don't make the rules, we simply respect the fortuitous pairing. And when it comes to clothing, there's something about the way navy blue and khaki complement one another. Perhaps its because they've been linked together for so long. After all, navy blazers have been worn over tan trousers for generations. But sporting a navy shirt and some relaxed chinos makes for a warm weather kit that looks both continental and cool. Which is a solid look for sunny summer days.

Shirt: $70, by J.Crew;
Pants: $98, by Dockers

A garment-dyed cotton popover and chinos with a distressed, vintage feel.

Shirt: $20, by Lands' End;
Pants: $160, by NN.07

An easy mesh polo with floral trim and washed slim-fitting retro khakis.

Shirt: $112,
by Marc by Marc Jacobs; Pants: $80, by Club Monaco

Over-dyed oxford cloth in a rich navy paired with crisp canvas chinos.

It's the perfect summer outfit for a man.
- Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist