Call me lazy, but I hate trying my shoes. Always have. Most of my sneakers are tied loosely into knots so I can just pull them on and off as I please. But the laces still come undone, drag on the ground and/or get caught up in knots. Which is why I was instantly intrigued when I came across Hickies. This clever innovation turns any pair of kicks into comfortable slip-ons. "Sneaker design is one of the fastest evolving industries on the planet, but one thing has remained constant: laces that tie into a dainty little bow," says co-founder Gaston Frydlewski. "To us, the slackness of shoelaces are at odds with sleek footwear designs and a hindrance to even the simplest athletics." Officially dubbed a responsive lacing system, they're essentially stretchy, durable bands that you thread into your shoe's eyelets. Snap the adjustable straps together for an optimal and comfortable fit and you've now got some solid slip-on sneakers that work at the gym, on the court or simply running around on the sidewalk.