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Enduring Classic

The Rugby Shirt

This heavy-duty casual shirt was originally built to last through match after match of a sport where men charge and tackle each other without the protection of things like pads or helmets. The traditional rugby is made of thick knit cotton with a contrasting twill collar and finished with a placket lined in rubber buttons. And while these here are more like a true rugby player's ideal shirt—cut close to the body to prevent pulling and tearing from tackling opponents—the rugby shirt popularized by preps on college campuses and in Lands' End catalogs over the years was unfortunately built a little roomier. Of course, one aspect that's stuck since the shirt's 19th century origins is the wide and richly colored "hoops" (large stripes across the jersey), which were used to denote one team from the other. So whether you're wearing it in the middle of a scrum or around town on the weekend, a good rugby shirt is a casual staple that can't be forgotten. Fall breezes will surrender like center backs, and the durability of the shirt is built in—so expect any rugby worth its stripes to last season after season.


    The Old Dog: Portland-based Columbiaknit was the original supplier of rugby shirts to Lands' End and L.L. Bean, and has been churning out American-made clothes since 1921. $56, at Columbiaknit